“Seeing Glory Changes Everything”

9 Nov

It is crucial to understand what preaching is as this changes how we listen, respond and apply the message. It will help us identify what we really need to hear and what deserves to be described as good preaching. It will change our thoughts from “How did the message make me feel?” to “How was I shown God from the Word  in the message?”, looking not for a gifted orator but for the King of Glory. Don’t settle for little stories or the thoughts of a man (even if it’s compatible with the Bible’s teaching) as they are not the life-changing Word of God. A correct understanding helps us long for God’s Word to be explained and God to be exalted for that is what brings glory to God and gives us oppertunity to enjoy Him.

Here’s a couple of videos and a short audio clip from Pastor John Piper explaining what comprises real, Biblical preaching .

What is Preaching?

“The preacher’s job is to minimize his own opinions and deliver the truth of God. Every sermon should explain the Bible and then apply it to people’s lives…Preaching is also exultation. This means that the preacher does not just explain what’s in the Bible, and the people do not simply try understand what he explains. Rather, the preacher and the people exult over what is in the Bible as it is being explained and applied.”

What is the place of practical application in preaching?

“Wonder changes people not examples” (HT: SWS – before it lost its way!)

What Bible passages do you use to base your claims about how we should preach?

“This is not a game. This is really serious. We’re not just telling little stories. I’m not sharing my wisdom or my sense of humour”


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