Renwick 7 – 0 Trinidad and Tobago Reserves

6 Nov


  • McCavery marks 50th appearance with a brace
  • Renwick keep third clean sheet of the season
  • T&T denied from the spot

After last week’s very frustrating match at Cherryvale, Renwick returned to the Ozone with an impressive win against the islanders. With a similarly sized squad the manager was faced with a selection headache, but eventually decided the stick with the 4-3-3 formation which had worked to great effect in the opening games of the season. Ian Buchanan returned to the role of playmaker, while Robert Cromie claimed his first start of the season, with Robert McCaughan dropping to the bench.


So much for “the last available pitch”

For the second week running, Renwick were facing a team they had never played before. The Caribbean side had taken 4 points from a possible 6 and so the match was approached with caution. This may have been the first time Renwick had faced a team who normally play in black, and for a while it was thought the blue kit from the 2006-07 season would get a run out. However it then transpired that T&T’s kit is reversable and so would be playing in a red kit.



Not today

Renwick kicked off, with T&T refereeing the first 45. After a few early defensive lapses, Renwick soon picked up their game and started to dominate all over the park, picking up loose balls and winning the majority of headers. Mark McCavery opened the scoring on about 15 minutes, in a similar fashion to last week, seeing a shot first saved only to score from the rebound. The goal was a fair reflection on the game up to that point, with the formal colony failing to create any noteworthy chances. The second goal, probably the best of them all, came from some very good play in midfield. Gavin Blackwell picked up the ball, played it wide left to Robert Cromie who beat his man before picking out Philip Dunwoody in the box to knock in his fourth of the season.


The score remained at 2-0 for most of the half as T&T kept their defence tight and dealt well with the considerable pressure Renwick were putting them under. Towards the end of the half T&T had some attacks of their own, resulting in a few free kicks being conceded around the edge of the box giving the Renwick keeper something to do. A poorly defended corner which allowed T&T a free header in the box should have halved Renwick’s advantage but the header was straight at the keeper who comfortably caught it. Not long later the team in Red had the ball in Renwick’s box again, and in a bizarre piece of refereeing, Ben Hanna was deemed to have conceded a penalty for what seemed to be a perfectly legitimate challenge. Despite the Renwick protests the penalty stood. Having let a penalty in last week, McCullough had consulted Renwick legend Joel Loughridge about penalties. The advice was to stand up tall and not to dive. The striker struck the ball straight down the middle allowing the keeper to get hands on it and make the save, eventually resulting in a corner kick. A great confidence booster for the young goalkeeper.


As the half was drawing to a close, Renwick continued to pile forward. One attack saw Andrew Lynch surge into the opposition box from the right, cut in a play a dangerous ball across the face of goal, which the hapless defender could only turn into his own goal. Half time followed minutes later. Other noteworthy incidents from the half included a comical throw-in from Cromie and nasty looking challenge from Piemonger on Dealwithpainwell.



At the interval, three changes were made. Andrew McKelvey, making his first appearance of the season, and Mark Porter replaced Gavin Blackwell and Andrew Lynch in midfield and Robert McCaughan replaced Robert Cromie on the wing. Cromie took over the whistle for the second half, just as the rain was setting in.



Renwick started slowly in the half, now playing slightly into the wind. This meant another barrage of long kicks which were expertly dealt with by a defence led by Gareth Smith. After an hour Andrew Morrison and Philip Dunwoody came off to be replace by Chris Carson and Michael Hawthorne who both gave a good account of themselves. Trinidad and Tobago’s only real chance in the half came when the ball fell at the feet of their striker 8 yards from goal, which produced a one handed save from McCullough to push the ball over the bar. At the other end Renwick scored through Gareth Smith who rose well to meet a ball from Ben Hanna and beat the keeper to head in his first competitive goal for the club.

Lynch and Blackwell came back on for the last 20 minutes, taking the places of Buchanan and Hanna. Following a goalmouth scramble Michael Hawthorne managed to fire in the fifth from a tight looking angle. Andy McKelvey fell awkwardly in a tackle and had to be substituted off, with Philip Dunwoody returning to the action. McKelvey seemed determined to get his name on the scoresheet, and made a big contribution to the team while he was on the pitch. A rasping half volley from at least 25 yards stick out, and if it had been struck anywhere other than straight at the keeper would surely have resulted in a goal. It was a shame to see him go off in such circumstances. Only moments after coming on, Dunwoody broke free through the defence and from the edge of the box knocked the ball into the corner past the onrushing goalkeeper. With just minutes left on the clock, a harmless ball drifted into the T&T and in attempt to clear it, a defender was adjudged to have handled the ball, allowing Mark McCavery to step up and mark his 50th appearance for the club with his 20th goal of the season. The lone striker has had a fantastic start to the season and seems to be thriving on the support provided on the wings as well as the intelligent play of Ian Buchanan.


Philip Dunwoody might have completed his hat-trick in the dying seconds, only to see his goal controversially ruled out for offside. Still aggrieved at the penalty decision, the T&T keeper lashed out and for a moment it looked as though the situation could escalate, but heads were soon calmed and shortly after the referee blew the final whistle.


25 goals together

Another very satisfying return to form for the Elmwood side, and a great confidence booster ahead of their next match against Derry City Supporters Club. This was the fixture that all but ended Renwick’s title hopes last season, and those who played last year may still feel they have a point to prove. A composed and mature performance will be required if Renwick are to win, which, on the evidence of yesterday, they certainly capable of.

With such strong performances all across the pitch, it seems unfair to select any one individual as man of the match. Everyone was man of the match!

Renwick: McCullough, Morrison, Smith, McCollum, Hanna, Dunwoody, Blackwell, Buchanan, Lynch, Robert, McCavery Subs: Porter, McCaughan, McKelvey, Carson, Hawthorne

In other Belfast Super League news, MGT FC lost to Bar Staff, a team who themselves lost to Donegal Rangers on the opening day of the season. Results like this prove the unpredicatability of this league, and show why it is considered to be one of the top leagues in the world by many. Renwick currently sit 2nd in the league, however a late result from the Derry City vs.  Law Society fixture could change this.

Belfast Super League table






Talk about role reversal!




Fans of Piecam will be glad to know that he did later see if Getonwithitwell was alright. Just look at that cheeky grin!


Skills and Blockwell


Strong performances from both ex-Foyle players


Thanks to Erin and Amy for the photos!

Finally, if anyone is still wanting one of the 50 games shirts and hasn’t said so yet, could you please get in touch with Andrew Morrison asap. Details below. And the price of the just the shirt is now £19.00, £21.00 with 1 number, £23.00 with 2 numbers.

50 games


6 Responses to “Renwick 7 – 0 Trinidad and Tobago Reserves”

  1. Jonny November 6, 2009 at 11:06 am #

    “A rasping half volley from at least 25 yards stick out, and if it had been struck anywhere other than straight at the keeper would surely have resulted in a goal.”

    Unless it had been struck straight over the crossbar or wide of the post?

  2. Joel L November 6, 2009 at 2:13 pm #

    Not necessarily Jonny. McKelvey can hit the ball wherever he wants and it will be ruled as a goal, as long a it’s not straight at the keeper.

    Can current and future photographers please note that all penalties should be photographed as a matter of course. Poor Jamesie. It’s very likely to be a save or a goal, and thus worthy of photographing. Schoolboy error. Which used to be forgivable, but youre all now in the real world and no longer school boys.

    The writer is very kind to me. I don’t remember telling James to stand tall. Pretty sure my advice was probably pick a side and go for it. Thats what I do. Though…I have only saved one penalty in about 2 years….

  3. Peter November 6, 2009 at 4:19 pm #

    Bwah bwah bwah to the McKelvey rule as stated by ‘Joel L’!

    “Schoolboy error. Which used to be forgivable, but youre all now in the real world and no longer school boys.” Were Erin and Amy ever schoolboys?!

    Great footy write-ups, AK. A true highlight of Friday afternoons! And not going all soppy like other blogs! :-P

  4. Andy November 7, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    There actually is a penalty taking/saving photo, however Philip happens to be right in the way of the ball so you can’t actually see it.

    Will get it online in due course.

  5. rob dp November 7, 2009 at 4:29 pm #

    did Hawthorne do it or just playing for the camera?

  6. Creambun November 9, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    “Trinidad and Tobago’s only real chance in the half came when the ball fell at the feet of their striker 8 yards from goal, which produced a one handed save from McCullough to push the ball over the bar.”

    I think we need to rename young McCullough in the following way – James ‘Gordon Banks’ McCullough. Seeing as he is pulling out save like this!

    Good work men. Glad to see the Renwick back to winning ways! As long as you keep winning, it doesn’t matter about the other results!

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