Renwick Football update

27 Oct

Just a few things to mention before tomorrow’s game against MGT FC.

Firstly a change of location, we are not at the Ozone this week as it was fully booked when I phoned, but we will be at Cherryvale Playing Fields on Ravenhill Road. See on Google Maps. The pitches are about the same distance away from Renwick and are not all that far from the Ozone really. If you need a lift cars will be leaving from Renwick from around 1.40 onwards. Support would be much appreciated as this is Renwick’s 50th ever game (since records began). Trinidad and Tobago vs. FC World XI will also be taking place at Cherryvale.

Kick off is at 2.30, and changing rooms are available. If you plan on walking it the pitches are roughly 1.5 miles away from Renwick, it’s to be a nice enough day apparently..



Or if pictures are more your thing..


Hope that is clear enough, any questions just ask. See you there!


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