Neglected Discipline

17 Oct

“How often do we hear about the discipline of the Christian life these days? How often do we talk about it? How often is it really found at the heart of our evangelical living? There was a time in the Christian church when this was at the very centre, and it is, I profoundly believe, because of our neglect of this discipline that the church is in her present position. Indeed, I see no hope whatsoever of any true revival and reawakening until we return to it.” 

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones,  Faith: Tried and Triumphant

[picapp src=”f/9/f/b/an_old_stone_2176.jpg?adImageId=5967640&imageId=5132019″ width=”349″ height=”489″ /]


One Response to “Neglected Discipline”

  1. rob dp October 19, 2009 at 10:12 pm #

    not only christian discipline, i think total truth by nancy pearcey would also be a valid book for studying, in understanding to have a christian mind to live as a christian in the public as well as private part of life. just my thoughts

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