Rampant Renwick Annihilate Anglicans

9 Oct


Ben congratulates Rob after scoring on his debut

Faster than you can say Episcopalinism, Mark McCavery gave Renwick the lead after only 19 seconds of the new season and marked the beginning of torrid afternoon for the Church of Ireland at Ormeau Park. Playing as a lone striker in Morrison’s new system he was supported to great effect by two attacking wingers who made life very difficult for their respective fullbacks and despite the Anglicans initially expressing a desire to defend the barrage of attacks it wasn’t long before a second goal was scored. Church of Ireland’s female right back could not cope with the pace and movement of debutant Robert McCaughan who added a second. The only response to these attacks came shortly after when the new keeper’s nerves and poor defensive communication caused a brief moment of panic in the Renwick penalty area before the ball was cleared behind and a then few minutes later Jonny McCollum’s successor was called upon to snatch the ball from the feet of a striker in a one on one situation.

Towards the end of the first half Renwick really began to assert their dominance with Ian Buchanan cooly slotting the ball into the net after an extensive period of possession. Possession was very one sided and the C of I were left chasing their tails as the centre midfielders (Lynch/Carson, Blackwell and Buchanan) orchestrated the game whilst Philip Dunwoody proved a valuable outlet  on the right. All the defenders looked comfortable on the ball with all constantly keen to press forward and get involved in the play. There were other chances, including pressure from set plays where the Elmwood side completely dominated in the air, butin the end it was McCavery who scored to make it 4-0 at half-time.

After the turn around Renwick House showed no desire to extend mercy to their opponents and five more goals were added in the next 45 minutes. McCavery created a profound sense of deja vu by pouncing on a lack of concentration to secure a third goal after a couple of minutes. Mark went on to double his hatrick as opposition legs tired and Ben Hanna also got on the scoresheet with a smartly taken turn and shoot in the box following a corner. Andrew Morrison experimented with defensive partnerships by moving his namesake Lynch to partner star signing Gareth Smith at centre-back whilst allowing Steven McCollum to move forward into midfield. The acquisistion of Gareth, younger brother of the currently unavailable Renwick hardman Dave Smith, looks like a real coup for the club dealing easily with the Anglican attacks and distributing the ball well. Robert McCaughan was replaced on the left by Chris Carson who looked threatening, dancing between the opposition and getting into dangerous positions though failed to convert a guilt-edged chance.

As the final whistle drew near nerves began to kick in amongst defenders seeking Renwick’s first clean sheet in over a year. An error in the left-back position nearly led to an own goal for the player/manager Morrison but Church of Ireland failed to capitalise again leaving their opponents delighted to claim a 9-0 victory, an excellent start to the season. The best Anglican performances came from their female right back, who robbed Mark McCavery of the ball on one occasion, and their goalkeeper, without whom the score would have comfortably reached double figures. Church of Ireland will need to improve dramatically if it is not to be a particularly long and painful season for them but Renwick can take heart from this performance as greater team cohesion and increased fitness will come with gametime. Morrison will be looking to downplay rising expectations but some are describing this as the most group of players the club has ever assembled as the look to challenge for the Belfast Superleague title.

Steve Beacom


Attacking corner for Renwick


A brief spell of defending


Philip goes close


Up like a salmon


Skills scores the third
Mark supported by Gav


Getting to wear the famous jersey


Scratching his head in bewilderment at Chris Misswell


Gareth dominating in the air


Walking back to halfway after yet another goal


Rob and his opposite number


Keeper beats Phil to the ball


Gavin goes close


Pointing the way


Renwick didn’t have a goal kick at all


Two new signings


Ball cleared to safety


Ian and Andy Mo


 Renwick on the attack 


Renwick House FC 9-0 Church of Ireland

(HT 4-0)



Mark McCavery (6)

Ian Buchanan (1)

Robert McCaughan (1)

Ben Hanna (1)

RENWICK: James McCullough, Andrew Morrison, Gareth Smith, Steven McCollum, Ben Hanna, Gavin Blackwell, Ian Buchanan, Andrew Lynch, Philip Dunwoody(Captain), Mark McCavery, Robert McCaughan (Chris Carson 50)  

Man of the Match: Mark McCavery


In other news

Derryvolgie beat Peter McCounaghie’s new team Trinidad and Tobago 2-1


Dwight Yorke himself

4 Responses to “Rampant Renwick Annihilate Anglicans”

  1. Peter October 9, 2009 at 2:35 pm #

    “but some are describing this as the most group of players the club has ever assembled”

    The most [WHAT] group of players ever assembled??!

    Are we to fill in the blanks ourselves?! I can think of some amusing possibilities!

    Well played Renwick. Keep it up. Hopefully McCavery and Hanna remain among the goals this week!

  2. Peter October 9, 2009 at 2:41 pm #


    Pointwell, Pointwell, Pointwell!

    That should be the caption for the 14th picture below the report! I really, really didn’t want to be critical … it’s a good debut report … but some time-honoured traditions surely must be observed!

    Also, is that a ginger Fellaini behind Mark in the MOM picture?!

    As you can see, I like to relax on a Friday afternoon after college by leaving pointless comments on AK! :-D

  3. rob dp October 9, 2009 at 5:20 pm #

    sir Buchanan left adidas for puma or Andy Lynch lending his boots?

  4. Daniel Ritchie October 10, 2009 at 5:43 pm #

    So James, when do you make your debut in the Library? ;-)

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