Enniskillen GO Team – What we Learned.

15 Aug

Greetings Readers!Enniskillen Team

Me and James decided that we would do 2 Blog Reports for the ‘Skills’ GO Team this year, for 2 reasons,

1. It was an absolutely beast team.

2. We always hear what goes on during a GO Team but only occasionally we hear of what the team learned from it.

So we at Another King decided we’d give our readers a bit of insight into what all the team learnt from their week down in Co. Fermanagh and try and share it with others. This is to try and give people insight on the spiritual benefits that can be had from going on GO Teams, but also encouragement of seeing our Brothers and Sisters in Christ grow from weeks like this.

Now this is some of the stuff you don’t get in Messenger reports! And yes…I did dig through the archives for some of the photo’s!

Ali GAlistair Rolleston:

Best GO Team ever. Fact. Being set to lead a group of unruly teenagers proved far easier than I thought, as time and time again, they showed personal strength and spiritual maturity, far beyond their years. The Devotions in the evening were really some thing, seeing this group of people grow close by worshipping God through our bond with Christ.

BrennaBrenna McEwen:

The Go Teamwas a great blessing to me. It was amazing to see friends who I have known from a young age now completely focused on Christ, dedicating their lives to serving him. The strength of their faith has been such challenge to me but also an encouragement to know that I can come to anyone of them for spiritual help. One of the main things I have learnt from the week is that the time we have on earth with people is short and this time should be used talking to them about God. This is a week I will never forget, some great memories

JamesJames McCullough:

God really used this team to encourage and spiritually refresh me. I learnt that we must talk more about our Saviour withour fellow believers to learn more and encourage each other. I am grateful to the rest of my team members for being so open and teaching me so much. Getting to know the other GO teamers better has made me really excited about the future of the RP church and taught me that now is the time we need to push on in our faith to become really effective servants of God

Rach WeatherupRachel Weatherup:

Enniskillen GO Team 09 – an absolutely amazing week. Some mighty craic. Psalm Sing and Devotions on the last night were brilliant!! Really such a great blessing to be part of an immense team. Such an encouragement to see God answering prayers throughout the week and the work progressing in Enniskillen. Has really encouraged me to live life more fully and to make the most of every opportunity

Elise AllenElise Allen:

The most amazing week of my life, I found the psalm singing, morning and evening devotions the most amazing ones ever. The team was such a blessing and the fellowship we enjoyed together. It was so wonderful. It was a privilege to have been a part of this GO Team and I will remember it always.

Joel Cromie:Joeline

Definitely up there with one of the best weeks of my life. Really enjoyed each night’s deovtions and it was particularly good to have such fellowship with Christians my age, I really enjoyed getting to know the Fellowship in Enniskillen and thoroughly enjoyed getting schooled by William Armstrong in the art of deception!

Hannah DrennanHannah Drennan:

Truly brilliant week! Fellowship was fantastic, particularly the late night craic! Spilling and slagging was cracker. I was really blessed by the excitement on the team for Christ and for the work we were doing. The prayers during evening devotions were incredible and a great idea. Such a GO Team!

Alastair McCollum:

Ali and Elmo Balloon

Some thing I was challenged with right before we had left for Enniskillen, “you’re not going on holiday, you’re going to serve.” A fantastic challenge that I resolved that I would try and carry out all throughout the week, and I must say, I found it a pleasure and privelege to be serving Christ and His church down in Enniskillen, taking opportunities to show love of Christ to the elderly in the Nursing Homes and talk to fellow team members of spiritual things and learning from them. In all the various ministries we carried out, I recieved so much from them, especially the show, was challenged by so many lost souls drifting past me, mindlessly rejecting what I had to say to them, it was a good reminder of why we were there. Phenomenal week with many great memories.

Windswept Mary LynnMary-Lynn Cromie:

Most emotional psalm-sing/prayer time, ever! Really encouraging week; it was such a blessing to be part of (unofficially) a team that really shone for Christ.

Tim McCollum:The Lads

I was astonished at hearing Robert Robb shout out his car window, “GO ON TIM!” Some thing I thought i’d never hear. Any way, I really enjoyed the morning Bible Studies, as Robert was speaking about different articles of furniture in the Tabernacle, particularly the Ark of the Covenant, how they all point forward to Christ. Also a great reminder in the week to be like shining stars in dark places, with our attitude and the things that we say.

Heather M

Heather McMullan:

A really great week, I am really blessed to have been on this team where every one was working for the glory of God. It had some amazing prayer times where I learned so much and I really loved the psalm sing that brought in my Birthday in the early hours of Saturday!

Rebecca McCullough:Rebecca looking Scared

I don’t really think that I can sum this week up. The bant was amazing and getting to know my brothers and sisters in Christ even better was fantastic. The evening devotions were incrediable, looking around the room seeing and hearing my brothers and sisters in Christ praising the almighty God.  I was challenged spiritually so much this week. Our time on earth is short. We have to tell people about God now, we have to live for him now, we have to start serving him now. Also that this God we serve and worship is the real and the living God, this week reminded me of that. It was an amazing week.

So I hope you have learned from the experiences and memories of the team.

Psalm 72 vs. 16

‘And blessed be his glorious name,

to all eternity.

O may His glory, fill the earth.

Amen, so let it be.’


5 Responses to “Enniskillen GO Team – What we Learned.”

  1. Emmaline August 15, 2009 at 3:37 pm #

    Great idea guys! – It’s really cool to hear more personal summaries of the week and to see how everyone was encouraged and challenged differently, yet in similar ways too, through the team. And wow, it sounds like it was an amazing week!!

  2. Brenna August 15, 2009 at 8:13 pm #


  3. Hayley August 15, 2009 at 8:27 pm #

    even though i have heard about “Skilz” non-stop all week, it really does sound pretty sweet.

    Ali, good job on the photo of Brenna!!

  4. Ali August 15, 2009 at 9:07 pm #

    Why thank you, I picked it out specially!! :D

    Also I had to stick in the one of a very young, hairless James…

  5. Sadie August 20, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    Ali, loving the post. And whats your explanation for the pic of me…?

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