Bad Movies Are Dangerous

13 Aug

A thought-provoking article arguing that Christians should not only avoid the Da Vinci Codes and Brokeback Mountains but also refrain from watching “dumb” movies.

“The greatest danger of these movies is not what they are but what they do to us. They give us permission and at worst train us not to think about what we’re watching. As Christians, we don’t have this option. We are charged to remain sober and vigilant and to judge all things by scripture and the gospel. Does this mean we must concoct touching spiritual metaphors based on everything we see? No. But it does mean that if we ever find ourselves being taken on a ride by a movie about giant fighting robots, it’s best to either take control or jump off.”

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One Response to “Bad Movies Are Dangerous”

  1. rob dp August 15, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    well ive come to the conclusion to not bother going to the cinema anymore. pluggedinonline is a useful resource sometimes. wondering if theres other books like harry blamires book – the christian mind “how should a christian think?” (study guide edition i got long time ago at Tearmann Feichín international rpc conf)

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