Enniskillen Go Team 2009

11 Aug

“O see how good it is;

it pleasant is as well,

when those who brothers are, as one,

in unity do dwell.” Psalm 133v1


James McCulllough, Rachel Weatherup, Brenna McEwen, Joel Cromie, Hannah Drennan, Cameron Allen, Mary-Lynn Cromie, Rebecca McCullough, Tim McCollum, Alastair McCollum, Alistair Rolleston, Elise Allen and Heather McMullan

One of the things which made the Enniskillen Go Team really special was the great sense of team unity. As most of us knew each other before the Go Team and I hoped that this would lead to a week full of proper conversations as we learnt more and more about God from each other. I was not at all disappointed. The congregation kindly rented a fantastic holiday home for us all to stay in and proved a valuable retreat at the end of our busy days.


 Bren of Green Gables


 Front of house


Back of the House

We all arrived on Saturday afternoon, despite team co-cordinator Alistair Rolleston being late, and we had a little time to settle-in before entertaining some of the young people from the congregation in our house. The locals were introduced to Ah-Saw-Oo before Cromie Joel gave a never-to-be-forgotten performance in Gestures. After supper Ali McCollum tried to break his nose during an epic game of Sardines before we all went to bed knowing a busy week was ahead of us.

 There were many RP visitors at the Sunday morning service held in the Clinton Centre with the congregation being bolstered by the presence of the Go Team, the Sommervilles, Jack and Synthia Williamson (who read the blog!) and the Wilsons. A Congregational lunch was held back at the Gables and there were also three periods of prayer during the day; the congregation’s normal prayer times before each service and a Go Team prayer time during the afternoon. As Robert Robb was away baptising a young Sutherland, Raymond Farrell preached in the evening and upon returning home the Go Team had a time of Psalm Singing.

 Each morning began with a Bible Study on the furniture in the Old Testament Tabernacle and Robert explained how it all points to our Saviour. On Monday we gave out some leaflets, returned for a brief bite of lunch, visited a nursing home and then gave out more leaflets before tea. Upon arrival at the Nursing Home we noticed that we were heralded as “Rev Robert Robb and his choir” so we felt a little under pressure to live up to the tag as we sang some Psalms. That evening we went bowling with members of the congregation in an effort to get to know them better and the Go Team travelled home via Enniskillen’s Green McDonalds. Every evening one of the boys on the team explained a Psalm for evening devotions and after singing the Psalm we had a time of team prayer.


 Not as good as Rob Robb’s shuffling


 First nursing home was on a bit of a hill


 Houses and Leaflets – we had to try to get three leaflets through each letterbox!

The Go Team was planned to coincide with the annual Enniskillen Agricultural Show and half the team set up the Church’s stall during Tuesday Morning. The Show began that afternoon and continued to 10 o’clock in the evening and in our exhibit we had a book stall, a bit of Covenanter history, free tea and coffee, free literature and children’s craft. The craft proved very popular and served its purpose of drawing children in so that we could start conversations with their parents. Good conversations were also had with the people manning other stalls and we were encouraged by the presence of other stalls spreading the Gospel message. Give thanks to God for the conversations explaining the Gospel to unbelievers and encouraging Christians in their faith. Pray that many make contact with the church and would attend the Irish Music evening to be held in early September.


 Cromie Poser


 Hannah getting schooled in the art of construction by Ian McCaughan


 Do not allow Tim near powertools




 Loving the badges


 “Oh that’s my favourite name” 


Go on my son/ Ali G thinking of a sad song 
 Ian and Irene – Legends 
 Mazza-Lazza doing an impersonation


 In action


 Our leader (loving the GOATee)

Wednesday was another hard day’s work at the show with leaflet distribution and a visit to another nursing home taking place. During the day at the show a conversation that I found very encouraging occured between a team member a backsliden Christian who stated that when she looked at the young people at the stall she knew God was real because she could see it in our faces, because she could see the joy in Christ in our eyes. Pray that this may be true of each of us not merely on a Go Team but throughout life.  In the evening there was a Soiree for the congregation and friends which comprised of a table quiz (in which Cromie Joel’s team scored 0 in the Bible Knowledge round), a few musical pieces from team members and Robert Robb, and the Armstrong family magic act.


 Ali McCollum wants to be Ali G


Giving it stacks


 Ready for the 12th


 The audience


 Confused Tim in the William Armstrong act
Introduction was almost Ali G-like

By Thursday we were exhausted but thankfully we were given us the afternoon off after helping run a local childrens’ club in the morning and we all visited the grounds of the local Castlecoole (pronounced Castlecoolie by Rebecca). The eagerly anticipated five-a-side football occurred that night and gave us the oppertunity to get to know a few guys who the church has had contact with. Supper was visit to a Chinese recommended by the locals before we all returned to base camp.


 Kids club 
 Oh Danny boy 


 Party Boy?/ Go on Tim!


 Happy Tim 
 Hannah still gloating about her slide tackle on Tim

 Having finished most of Skilz town and rapidly running out of leaflets we went to Ballinmallard for our final morning of distribution. We had our last psalm singing visit to a nursing home and after some street evangelism we were given a couple of hours to relax/frantically tidy before the congregation arrived for an end-of-week BBQ. Thank God for the good attendance and for the time spent getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ. It was a great evening with food to match and proved a fitting finale to the week. The last evening devotions were extended to include a psalm sing at the request of Heather, who turned 21 at midnight, and we took time to bring each other before God in prayer.


I decided against “Oh”ing this picture


 We’re normal people – honest!


 Carlsberg don’t do open airs…

Looking round the room at my brothers and sisters in Christ seeing the joy on their faces, hearing them sing the Psalms with passion and listening to them give thanks to God for each other and plead with tears for God to bless their fellow team members made that evening truly unforgetable. Another Go Teamer said something of great significance after we drew the evening to a close – “I can’t wait for heaven”. I heartily agreed with them but I was also challenge by how often I am not eagerly anticipating the return of Christ, how rarely the words “Come soon Lord Jesus” are on my lips. Upon reflection I think this can often be because we get caught up in the passing pleasures of this life. On the Enniskillen Go Team we were looking forward excitedly to the return of Christ because our joy that week was in serving and honouring him. We tasted a joy higher than anything this world has to offer. When our joy is in the things of God it is not hard to live with eternity in mind. We tasted real joy in Christ.


Some of these should really be further up in the post but you’ll get over it


summer 09 112
 I’m actually grimacing


 Go on Tim!


“Two dipsticks” and Rach


Hezza wonders whether Tim’s asleep
summer 09 097
 Shades time
 Where is my Psalter!


James feels like Andy Mo/ GMcF 

summer 09 096

He should have looked both ways before crossing

summer 09 086

The real team leader reading out the dishes rota

summer 09 085

 Tim and Heazzah chillaxing


“I’m not going to do a big introduction” – Cue Cheers


Insert Ginger Joke of your choice


McLovin it


Tim acting the Goat




I’m with stupid


Still needs Mum to dress him


Brendog gutted at the closure of the local Spar


I can’t believe we didn’t have real Butter!

summer 09 120

 “Right, here’s the plan, you sit very still and I’ll jump on it”


  Believe it or not Rob Robb’s at the bottom


 Last night banter 


 “I need to buy you MORE milk?!” 


 Peden –  he eats episcopalian ladybirds 


 “Bun and I just saw photographic evidence of girls playing spinnies on enniskillen go team. What is the world comin to? Shame on u and ur family for this outrage!” Mark McCavery


 In my defence I argued against the inclusion of girls


 Go on Tim! 


 Ali and Elmo 


 New contender for most original team photo


 Saturday morning fry 
summer 09 122
 The traditional photo minus Balaclava


“James McCullough is an absolute goat” – Robert Robb

“Where are those two dipsticks?” – Robert Robb

“GO ON TIM! *pause* that was good” – Robert Robb

“Be Gentle” – Tim McCollum

“I’m tired” “Samers” – Old lady and Brenna

“Have you touched her?” – Tim McCollum

“On your feet, lose your seat” – Heather McMullan

“You Goat!” – Joel Cromie

“Country banter” – Many

“Oh!” – All

“I thought people liked my introductions!” – Alistair Rolleston


10 Responses to “Enniskillen Go Team 2009”

  1. Ali G August 11, 2009 at 11:25 pm #

    “In my defence I argued against the inclusion of girls”

    And I stand by what happened, despite receiving several death threats and shame being brought upon my family, unlike James here and (according to reports) Cromie Joel, who have both grovelled for forgiveness. Stand by your principles and keep your integrity or lose both!

    “I decided against “Oh”ing this picture”

    … ;-)
    I see you didn’t put in that photo of you and Rachel!

    Also, the award for most inappropriate quote out of context goes to Tim…

    Good report. Hope to see the rest of the stuff in the next few days!

  2. Peter August 12, 2009 at 12:05 am #

    I’m with Marko, Bun et al. This is a very serious matter indeed. The GO Committee and the Reformed Presbyterian Synodical Committee for the Oversight of Spinnies will have to be informed and there could be severe repercussions!

    James: “In my defence…” – judging by that photo, your defence is a bit ropey!

    That aside, sounds like a great week with lots of important work done for the church and the King.

  3. Ali August 12, 2009 at 9:42 am #

    Good report buddy, will remember it for a long time.

    Can’t believe you spelt Somerville wrong though?!

    And yes, James’ Cricketing Ability is declining some thing shocking, he must have included the girls so that he would look that bit better…..unfortunately that didn’t work out for him….

  4. Hannah D August 12, 2009 at 1:09 pm #

    Go on Ali G! Also, I love that some of what-is-the-point-in-you-taking-photos-you-dont-have-facebook’s pictures are in that, and you thought you’d never see them lol! Excellent report.

  5. Steelo August 12, 2009 at 9:06 pm #

    Seconding Pete’s comment! (Actually Pete, if u bring up the spinnies affair at the next GO Comm meeting and I second it, does that mean we would have to discuss it at least? :-P)

    Yeah James, I was thinking that pic was crying out for an ‘oh’ before I even saw the caption!

    Hannah you must try and hold back on the superlatives / lols etc every time James posts something… :-P

  6. Hannah D August 13, 2009 at 8:55 pm #

    Just because Carla never comments on SWS…

  7. Ali August 13, 2009 at 11:26 pm #

    Now now children, let’s not resort to child-like relationship name calling over the Internet….

    And try and avoid her next time you see her Steelo, Hannah slaps pretty hard, one of the lesser known statements about Enniskillen was that she slapped me on the face out of frustration.

  8. Steve August 16, 2009 at 11:35 pm #

    ali mcc has obviously been learning off ali G, next step is senior camp concert.

  9. Tom August 24, 2009 at 4:52 pm #

    Original team photo? Warren and Ruth would not approve

    James, Can you spell my name right?


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