A Bad Reason to Vote

3 Jun

“Voting to keep the others out”

The elections leaflets I have had through my door are full of scaremongering and calls for the electorate to turn out on 4th June for the European Elections in order to prevent others taking office. Even Christians can be sucked in by this mentality of needing to vote to keep others out but this is a horrendous reason for followers of Christ to vote.

Is Christ not King over all? (Rev 17:14)

Is He not the Lord who keeps? (Ps 121:5)

Is not able to keep regardless of who sits in Brussels?


Our primary allegiance to King Jesus means it makes sense only to vote for those who recognise his Kingship, live a consistent Christian life, promise to frame their policies by God’s Word and explicitly dissent from all within their political system that is opposed to Christ the King.

We can declare that “there is another King, one called Jesus” by refusing to vote in fear for candidates who do not fulfil these criteria. Even if this means, as I think it does in my constituency, choosing not exercise to the right to vote.



One Response to “A Bad Reason to Vote”

  1. Steelo June 5, 2009 at 1:10 pm #

    Good stuff.

    Shoulda posted this before yesterday but:

    Minutes of Synod, 1893:

    “Synods hereby counsels all the members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church…not…to join the “Unionist party,”…to stand and work with those who are but contending for their own supposed rights and interests without a thought of bringing the nation back to Christ.” (p. 38)

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