Clowns on Centre Court…

18 May

I was pretty appalled when I opened up BBC Sport on Monday afternoon to have a bit of a catch up on the weekend sport. Myself being a big of a self confessed “sport junkie”, I covered most things from Premier League Football Results, latest news from the Lions Squad preparation, Basketball’s NBA Play Off Finals and even some County Cricket Scores from the Friends Provident Trophy.

Centre Court Roof

However, one article did catch my attention, a report from SW19, Wimbledon Tennis Lawns, saying that the new roof had been successfully been installed to ensure no rain delays and a great playing surface for this summers Wimbledon Championship. Catch the full article here…Stars play under new Centre Court Roof.

Now I know that sadly most of Sport has resigned to reserving most of it’s classic matches and memories for the Sabbath and that is shocking in it’s own right, however as I read on down the article, it stated that the hymn “Amazing Grace” was sang as the roof was closed for the first time. (I’ve already left a post back in those DMFWS days about this particular hymn, see Quote of the Month from March 08 if you fancy some reminiscing!?) The crowd was then entertained by star studded matches between Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Tim Henman and Kim Clijsters as they played mixed doubles and singles matches and appearances from Andy Murray and Sue Barker out on the Centre Court turf.

I love the words of John Newton’s hymn, Amazing Grace, and I found it pretty sad that on a Sabbath afternoon; 15,000 people sat in the grandstands as phases such as “‘Tis grace has bought me safe thus far; And grace will lead me home” were sung and they simply washed over the heads of the crowd as they sat and enjoyed the music without an inkling of what they were doing. I have no idea what is going on with the Spiritual State of the nation, maybe one day we will see a Final of the F.A Cup, played on a Saturday and the whole stadium rises before hand to sing Psalm 95, one that gives great praise to the Lord for the wonders that he has done for us. Wishful thinking?

For now, it seems we will have to endure this wave of Sabbath breaking in Sport and perhaps see it crumbling down in the future. As for Christians in sport, I hope to see a bigger stand made in the future, perhaps Jason Robinson when he takes over as Sale Sharks coach next season will see sense or Ugo Moyne on this summers Lions Tour to South Africa will make a stand? Perhaps they will raise awareness of this issue and it will be highlighted to the entire world of the wrong that is going on.

Finally, IMichael Jones, N.Zealand All Black just want to make a shout out to one of my lesser known sporting heroes, Michael Jones, the New Zealand rugby player, was for several years in most people’s opinion the best openside flanker in the world. In the 1987 World Cup, Michael was good enough to play in the quarter-final win against Scotland, then refuse to play and sit out in the Semi Final on a Sunday against Wales, and then get picked again for the Final against France where he scored and which the team went on to win. He then missed three Sunday games in the 1991 tournament because of this refusal to play, finally Jones was then omitted from the 1995 World Cup squad as he would have been unavailable for the quarterfinal and semifinal games. He was once asked how a Christian such as himself could be such an uncompromising tackler. In reply he wryly quoted a phrase from the Bible: It is better to give than receive. What a guy.

Hope studying for exams for all those concerned is going well and your enjoying the blog in your “study breaks!” :P


One Response to “Clowns on Centre Court…”

  1. James May 18, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    I’m really disappointed that they’ve put a roof on Centre Court as there’s no longer any hope of Sabbath’s Final being rained off and played on the following Monday. It provided me with the only Wimbledon final I’ve seen in 2001 I watched Goran win on a flickering campsite TV in Kilkenny. Epic game.

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