Essential for Corinth

14 May


Ruins of the Ancient City of Corinth

“Why is there so little conviction of truth among church members in general and preachers in particular? The answer is we, like the Corinthians, have been overly impressed with the intellectual accomplishments of our age. We seem to think the  Bible is unable to compete with the latest scientific, technological knowledge. And our society is quick to detect our timidity about our message and eager to show the distain it feels for people who still profess to believe in the truth of the Bible. They dismiss us with a knowing glance and a rueful shake of the head as though we didn’t have a clue to the latest facts and, therefore, are deserving only of their pity.

… Paul was convinced his gospel was God’s own testimony and, as such, it was essential for Corinth. I, for one, don’t expect to see real power return to our churches until Paul’s conviction returns to our pulpits!”

Roger Ellesworth, “Strengthening Christ’s Church”, 1 Corinthians 2:1-5


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