Pupils vs Staff Football Match

12 May

One of the highlights of my time at Friends’ School Lisburn occurred only a few weeks ago when the Staff agreed to play the Pupils in a game of football.

If we’d won I’d have probably posted this alot sooner.

The game started with both sides playing very nervous football and the tone was set for a physical encounter when a certain James McCullough barely avoided a yellow within the first two minutes. The staff created a few early chances but the partnership of Robbo and Chesnutt failed to captalise whilst at the other end the attacking pace of Glen Whitten and Gerrard Killough threatened repeatedly when provided with chances from the midfield field trio of Keag, Campbell and Tracey. A missed clearance from RE teacher Chesnutt allowed Gerry to poke home a 1-0 lead which the pupils protected until half-time.

Shortly after the restart a controversial decision by referee Mr McCrea allowed Mr Wilson, the staff goalkeeper, to remain on the pitch despite a rugby-style tackle on an opposing midfielder following a goalkeeping error that looked certain to double the Pupils’ lead. It was two defensive errors at the other end that would settle the fate of the match. Craig “Foxy” Cunnningham was thrown forward from the Staff defense and his lightning pace caused havoc amongst what had previously looked like a sturdy back four. The equaliser came when Pupil keeper Stuart Law had a Fabien Barthez moment, deciding to attempt to chip the oncoming Mr Cunningham rather than hoof the ball upfield. The delighted teacher relished the easy tap-in whilst his side sensed panic amongst the Pupils. A few minutes later Romanian striker Alex Bouzziano had a chance to restore the lead of the Class of 09 but headed the ball narrowly over.

The Pupil’s defence had employed the offside trap effectively throughout the game as it greatly perplexed Rugby coach Mr Robinson but it was this tactic that proved to be their undoing. A run from deep saw the defence caught flat footed and Mr Cunningham score his second goal of the game. The Pupil side pushed for an equaliser but were denied by a stunning save from Mr. Wilson and defenders throwing their bodies in the way of a last second James Keag attempt.

Thank you to the teachers for playing. It was truly one of my favourite moments of school though I’d still be up for a rematch sometime.


Cambi brings the ball out


Colm rises for a header


Time for a measured pass/ hoof


Pupils defend a corner




Robbo v Kenny


Robbo on the ball


Cambi nods clear


Beatty puts the pressure on


Colin the Maintence Man- like Robbie Savage without the hair


 Moment of madness


“I thought I’d chip Mr Cunningham and make him look stupid”


As easy as catching fish for the Kilkeel man


 Jacko closes down Woods


Buzzy heads over the bar/ bit of rope


Second goal for the Staff


Keag couldn’t find a way past Mr. Wilson

All photos are from the 2nd half and were kindly provided by James Scott.

Final Score: Pupils 1 Staff 2


2 Responses to “Pupils vs Staff Football Match”

  1. Peter May 12, 2009 at 9:31 pm #

    How many shots cannoned back off those crossbars?!!

  2. Ace Athlete May 14, 2009 at 12:42 pm #

    Another great post. Keep it up, i have become a big fan of your blog…

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