Pray for Romania

8 May

Last week a Pastor Sandor Kelemen  from Targu Mures spoke at a special Midweek meeting in Dromore RPC to tell us a little of his work and the church in Romania. Pastor Sandor is responsible for not only the church in the main city but also several in the surrounding villages. His work is supported by the European Missionary Fellowship and Rev. Tom McKendry told us about the organisation and the need for mission work in Europe, “the most secular continent on Earth”. 

Here are five things Pastor Sandor asked us to pray for:

“1. The church members in Targu Mures and in Idrifaia would grow in grace

2. The conversion of regular attenders and for more visitors

3. Those converted in Bahnea and Curteni will become church members and grow spiritually

4. The young people; the university Bible study groups and the hospital mission

5. Under the burdern of the pastoral work, Napsugar (wife) and I will grow spiritually”


Can you spot the two bloggers discussing Renwick football rights?


Rev. David McCullough, Rev.Tom McKendry, Rev. Sandor Kelemen

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