Belfast Marathon 2009 Preview

1 May

The Belfast City Marathon Relay has become one of the most prestigious RP sporting events alongside the EP Volleyball Competition, the Ballyclabber football tournament and competitive sports day at Senior Camp. Dromore RPC are the current holders of the fastest RP’s in Ireland title although team captain Rev. David McCullough is talking down the chances of a repeat performance this year. The team has been rocked by a sprained ankle and two cases of shin splints leaving them unlikely to match last year’s heroic time of 3hrs 21min.


This year’s route

Stephen Steele has joined fellow Faughan runners Andy Morrison (Renwick FC Young Player of the Year 2009) and Super Pete Fallows whilst drafting in Cromie Robert and Paul Wright to complete the team. PJ’s Heroes will be keen to recover from last year’s disappointing 3rd RP team finish and should pose a strong challenge but the clear favourites to triumph on Monday are Carrick who have made big name signings including Strobert and Alan Blackwell.


Philip Dunwoody has been dropped after being overtaken by Dad last year.

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RP Relay Teams Leaderboard

1. PJ’s Heroes (2007)- 3:16:26

2. Dromore RPC (2008)- 3:21:43

3. Carrick RPC (2008)- 3:22:35

4. The Stuart Olyott Appreciation Society (2007)- 3:25:50

5. PJ’s Heroes (2008)- 3:25:57

6. Carrick RPC (2007)- 3:26:29

7. PJ’s Heroes (2006)- 3:29:34

8. Are We There Yet? (2006)- 3:46:51

8. The Corner House (2007)- 3:48:46

10. Really? (Renwick 2006)- 3:51:19

11. Scrabo Harriers (Some team with Joel Loughridge 2005)- 3:57:10

12.Kilraughts RPC (2006)- 4:08:08

13. Renwick House (2005)- 4:24:14

14. Run Fat Girl Run (2008)- 4:41:43

15. Go For Ronwick (2008)- 4:45:02

16. Renwick House (2007)- 4:48:08

(If there are any teams I’ve missed please inform me so they can be added to the leaderboard)


9 Responses to “Belfast Marathon 2009 Preview”

  1. Ali May 1, 2009 at 9:20 pm #

    Ever think you take these things just a tad seriously big man?! Haha

  2. James May 1, 2009 at 9:43 pm #

    Lol. There’s nothing like a bit of RP sports journalism.

    Ever think Lisburn is full of fat people who don’t run the marathon?

  3. Joel May 1, 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    PJ’s Heroes will not be presenting a strong challenge this year. We’re in a transition year, a time of building for the future.
    Doesn’t matter what time we get, we’re always the best dressed team. We’ve inVESTed in our running gear…
    Favourites with Paddy Power are still Carrick.

  4. James May 1, 2009 at 10:02 pm #

    Not aiming to match the 2007 World Record time then?

  5. Steelo May 1, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    The official 2007 times were about 5 or 10 minutes faster than they should have been, so I reckon Dromore 08 hold the record!

    Number 4 – what a great team name!

    Everyone who’s doing leg 4 look out for Piemonger stewarding! Make sure and go wherever he points, even if it seems that all the other runners are going a different way! :D

  6. Philip May 4, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

    Not wanting to sound like a “in my day” person, but in my day, when I could run longer than my width – which has now drastically widened – we had 2 good relay teams, both of which ran in under the 3 hours. It was on the older course, but still the full distance. So you youngsters should really hold fire on claiming record RP times, until one of these teams actually does post a decent time. The youth of today – ha!

  7. James May 4, 2009 at 5:35 pm #

    If you give the official names and times these two mythical teams can be added to the leaderboard.

  8. Peter May 5, 2009 at 12:35 pm #

    As Neville Chamberlain once famously said, “I have in my hand a piece of paper”. In fact, there is more than one piece of paper and they are not in my hand (as that would make it difficult to type!) … but the point is that I have before me hard evidence of the substantially sub-3h16 times to which Rev Mo has been referring!

    The two rival teams to which PMo refers consisted, I think, of the three Lockington brothers, John D, Chris Lee, Alan Runwell, PMo, Ian Thompson, maybe David O and myself. Apologies to anyone I have left out. I do recall, though, that Simon Sweeney had a terrible habit of falling victim to injury in late April/early May each year!!!

    I have a printout of the top 50 relay teams from 2001:
    27th – L’il Boy Racers 02:57:21
    41st – Reformers, Robots in Disguise 03:02:46
    [Good team names back then, I’m sure you’ll agree!]

    And then in 2002, I cant remember the name of the other team (and they may not have finished in the top 50) but ours was affectionately and self-deprecatingly named by team captain PMo:
    33rd – 4 Wallies and a Fat Man 02:57:12
    This was definitely our team, as I still have my race number from the day (I obviously realised my running career was at its peak and was about to go downhill rapidly so wanted a memento!)

    So there are the official names and times you asked for!

    And I should warn you that when these times are beaten, old-timers like PMo and I will just tell you that it was harder back then! Which is actually true, as the race organisers are on record saying that the changes made to the route in recent years are to facilitate faster times (and thus attract bigger name runners).

    And anyone suggesting that these events occurred so long ago that the accuracy of the timing devices used should be questioned … you will be caned!!!


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