How are your Knees?

16 Apr

Now before you instantly close the page as you will probably think this is a post about osteoperosis or weak knees as the title would suggest, don’t! Its nothing to do with that!!

In an attempt to convince myself that I was using my Easter break wisely and revising I have put myself in my room, notes surrounding me on my desk and essay half typed…..and yet before long I was looking through the books on my shelf, and I came across one that really is a complete gem.

As I recall I think it was a purchase from the Boys Discovery Camp bookstall, entitled “The Man who couldn’t be Stopped”, and even though it’s been a while since I read it, I can still remember the things I learned from this magnificent story and I simply wanted to share a few of those things with you.

The book follows the life story of John Welch, who just couldn’t be stopped, as a boy he was stubborn, independent and had a mind of his own, he ran away from his Father and fell in with a gang of theieves and robbers, it seemed as if he had chosen his life and no one could stop him. “He had to get away from all the things that held him back and fenced him in and bound him down.”

But then young John met God, he left his sinful life behind and became a preacher with God as his strength, no one could stand in his way it seemed, known as one of Scotland’s most adventurous preachers, the son-in-law of John Knox caused a great stir among every one he encountered, even the Kings of France and England.

The book contains great truths about his life, how he saved many from a dreaded plague and as strange as it may sound, really did dodge a cannonball! He spent much of his time proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Head of the Church to any who would listen. However I wanted to share with you one of the most challenging things I took from the end of this book,

“So John and his family settled in London. And it was a time in their lives when there did not seem to be one gleam of light.

Even John’s health forsook him. Some doctors thought he had leprosy, other doctors thought he had been poisoned. Whatever it was, it left him so weak he could hardly move about, much less carry on at the pace he’d been used to all his life.

As if that were’t enough, some thing very peculiar had been happening t his knees. Those long nights of prayer had taken their toll; his knees had become calcified; they were as hard as the horns of cows. It rendered him almost incapable of walking. And if he had been able to get around, it would have done him no good, for he had been forbidden to preach.”

So people who are reading this, how are your knees? I am also trying to strengthen my prayer life as it is such an important function of successful Christian living, by no means am I making an idol out of Welch here, but we must admire his spirit and verve for prayer, he used it to talk to his God about any thing that concerned him, he prayed for people he knew, people he didn’t, the church, the country, relatives, praised God in adoration, spent much time in confession, and much much more.

Consider getting down on your knees a few times today perhaps, and thank God for the privellege of prayer and his eternal provision for His people.

John Welch, a Man who couldn’t be Stopped.


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