Northern Ireland Rejects Recent Violence

13 Mar

At Wednesday lunchtime people from across Northern Ireland took to the streets to present a united front in response to the dissident Republican murders of two members of the armed forces and one police officer. Protestors stood in united silence against the sudden resurgence in terrorist violence over the previous few days.

Andy in Belfast


 Andy in the crowd. Photo from the front of the Belfast Telegraph


Cromie Robert, who apparently was interviewed on Radio 1


Outside City Hall




James in Lisburn


James Scott, one of thirty Friends’ pupils to walk down to the Silent Vigil.
 “A silent vigil will be held here today: 1pm to 1:30pm, in respect to those killed and injured in the last few days”




During the vigil one young man stepped forward and raised a piece of paper which was greeted with sporadic applause.


It read “RIRA SCUM!!! CIRA SCUM!!!”


 Jeffery Donalson MP being spoken to by a journalist whilst the Mayor is also interviewed.



One Response to “Northern Ireland Rejects Recent Violence”

  1. Steelo March 14, 2009 at 12:51 am #

    1. What’s the craic with Andy Mo in all the papers! I think the phrase begins Media and then something I can’t write!

    Bun spot is well and truly dead now!

    2. If you read something on SWS, it doesn’t require the prefix ‘apparently’.

    3. Photo of A-frame: Like the way AK readers need captions for pictures with words in them!

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