2008 Drawing to a Close….

30 Dec

Season’s Greetings from Another King!  Hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas break and are enjoying your time off. As New Years Eve is approaching, i’ve been asked to do a bit of advertising….so here it goes…


‘A Party with a Difference!!’ 

If you don’t already have your plans to bring in the New Year sorted, or even if you do, i’d suggest that you head to the Ballyclabber New Years Eve Party!!

Its starting at 8:30pm and the cost is £3, but be quick or else your gonna have to £5 if you come after 10pm! Also i’ve been told to say that if your under 16, you’re not to be seen.

So come along and bring in the New Year in style, i’d recommend going because its a great way to catch up with friends and have a good nights craic.


So there you go, there’s my promotional advertising done and dusted. Happy New Year readers but as we enter this New Year, I just wanted to share with you who we should be focusing on this year….



  • Advocate-Lamb of God-The Resurrection & and the Life Shepherd & and Bishop of Souls-Judge-Lord of Lords-Man of Sorrows-Head of the Church-Master Faithful & True Witness-Rock-High Priest-The Door-Living Water-Bread of Life-Rose of Sharon-Alpha and Omega-True Vine-Messiah-Teacher-Holy One-Mediator-the Beloved-Branch-Carpenter-Good Shepherd-Light of the World-Image of the Invisible God-The Word-Chief Cornerstone-Saviour-Servant-Author and Finisher of our Faith-The Almighty-Everlasting Father-Shiloh-Lion of the Tribe of Judah-I AM-King of Kings-Prince of Peace-Bridegroom-Only Begotten Son-Wondeful Counsellor-Immanuel-Son of Man-Dayspring-The Amen-King of the Jews-Prophet-Redeemer-Anchor-Bright Morning Star-The Way, the Truth and the Life-


Be continually considering Him in 2009….



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