Responding to the Economy

29 Oct

On a slightly more serious note than “Sushi Bank”, I am still trying to figure out what is the correct Christian response to the economic crisis. One thing I am sure of is that we have much to give thanks to God for amidst these interesting times. The economic instability which has rocked the world is a little grace-filled foreshock of a coming judgement. It shows our world that they should not put their trust in money and all that they thought was secure will one day pass away. We ought to thank God for this merciful reminder. God could have sent many things to shake us and punish man for his greed but this “crisis” is more about fatalities of major financial institutions rather than a body count of human beings.

Below is an excerpt from Carl Trueman’s interesting view on how Christians should respond to the economy and his perception of free market economics. The article was published this month on Reformation21.

“How should Christians respond to all this? I want to sow three thoughts in your minds. First, realize that, while free markets might be the best way of organizing economies at the moment, they are simply the best of a bad lot. Anything human beings create is going to be more or less a mess. Fascism, communism, feudalism, jihadism – all are worse than what we have, and thus, in relation to these options, I am relatively happy to live where and when I do; but what we have in America is no divinely-sanctioned paradise, no foretaste or anticipation of the eschaton. There will be no free markets in heaven (indeed, if the imagery of Rev. 18 is anything to go by, free market philosophy is quite at home on the streets of Babylon!)…”

Read the whole article.


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