Broken Britain

30 Sep

“The Conservatives say our country is broken – but this country has never been broken by anyone or anything.” Gordon Brown

In his speech to the Labour Party Conference the Prime Minister claimed that Britain is not a broken nation but despite some “problems” it is being “lifted up every day by the people who love it”. I wound not suggest that Britain is failing nation in the same way Pakistan was recently described by the Times as coming “ever closer to the definition of a failed state” but it appears undeniable, that despite Brown’s optimism, that we live in a broken Britain.

Some British Facts

1 in 5 people in Britain don’t have enough money to live on. (Oxfam)

From January 2008 to May 2008 City workers and other financial services professionals received £12.6 billion in bonuses. (The Telegraph)

2.9 million children are living in poverty, a figure which has increased by 100,000 since 2005/2006 (The Guardian)

Britain has the highest divorce rate in Europe. (The Telegraph)

6.7 millions Babies have been murdered in their mother’s wombs since the 1967 Abortion Act. (The Christian Institute)

Britain is one of the developed nations with the lowest social mobility. (The Telegraph)

In 2007 alone there were 6,393 new diagnosis of HIV in the United Kingdom, contributing to a overall total of 93,231 reported by the end of that year. (AVERT)

Twenty-seven teenagers have been murdered in the capital during the previous 9 months. (The Times)
School girls between the ages of 12 and 13 are having to be vacinated against the sexually transmitted infection HPV which is the cause of most cases of cervical cancer. The UK’s second most common cancer amongst women. (The Times)

The influential Baroness Mary Warnock, who supports the legalising of euthanasia, recently advocated “licensing people to put others down”. (Dr. Albert Mohler)

More that half of 16-24 yr olds in Britain have take illegal drugs. The fight against drugs in Britain has been described by the UK Drugs Policy Commission as “a total failure”. (The Guardian)

The total personal debt in Britain increases by £1million every five minutes. (Credit Action)


Surely Mr.Brown the statistics above provide amply evidence that Britain is Broken? Of course it will suit the Tory party to proclaim this in their desire to take power and Gordon Brown has to argue otherwise following a decade of Labour rule. The sad truth is neither party correctly identifies either the source of the problem or the solution. The root cause of all the problems listed above is sin. For example; the reason City investors take bonuses of ridiculous proportions whilst others live in poverty is human greed. Sin is the reason disease came into the world and divorce occurs because marriage is the union of two sinners. The reason behind the broken nature of Britain is two-fold; Britain is comprised of sinners and we have sinned collectively through our nation’s rebellion against God. Our nation’s rebellion can be seen through the many pieces legislation which is passed in defiance of God’s decrees. The laws of our land now view homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle, moves to lower the limit for abortion have been rejected in the past year and it is now legal to create human beings purely for experimentation before destroying the unborn child after 14 days.
The despicable nature of this rebellion is increased as Britain once bound herself in oath to follow God’s ways. The United Kingdom made these promises in the Covenants of 1639 and 1643, promises which can not be removed by subsequent Acts of Parliament (Galations 3:15) and are still applicable today (Acts 3:25). I think it is reasonable to suggest that part of the reason for the problems our nation faces is the curse of God for breaking the Covenants and many of our nation’s problems would be solved if our lands were governed according to Biblical principles.
Sin is the deepest problem on a personal as well as a national level. We are all born sinful (Psalm 51:5), we all sin and we are all by nature enemies of God.  The biggest need of each individual isn’t food, money or love but it is to be reconcilled to God and this reconcilliation has been made possible through the death of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, upon the cross. What our nation needs isn’t a change in government but national revival and a change in many people’s hearts. The Gospel has the power to transform lives and, in turn, transform society. Pray that our broken land may once again recognise that there is another king, a man who is to be recognised as Soveriegn over our lives and over our nation, King Jesus. 




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