Reflections on Castlewellan

6 Sep

Instead of writing a full-scale review of Castlewellan we have decided to ask various people to write a paragraph regarding the week. Here are the various short reviews, reflections and comments. For those of you who weren’t there and are thoroughly fed-up with being told what a great week you missed, don’t fear, this is probably the last post on that epic week!

“Castlewellan was the highlight of a great summer. Staying in a tent with Andy, Ali and Tom was fantastic especially seeing we managed to avoid cooking ourselves a meal all week! I found the talks really helpful and encouraging, I suppose now the real challenge of applying them in my life begins. One of the highlights of the week was the psalm sing on Sabbath afternoon led by Nathan Hawthorne, praising God together with so many brothers and sisters in Christ was amazing and the singing was superb. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to sing anything other than God’s song book in worship! The Christian fellowship was excellent throughout the week, a little foretaste of heaven almost.”

James McCullough


“Hmmm, the exposition on Hebrews all week was pretty sweet and thought provoking during the week (I would highly recommed getting the talks and listening to them!). Dwelling in the Tabernacle with 3 great guys was a class experience and the craic was 90 most nights. Also food in general as we dined like royalty during the week with doing minimal work! And lastly in the build up to Castlewellan when the CD was being put together, Tom decides at the last minute typing the band name “Bare Naked Ladies” into Google for a picture wouldn’t be such a great idea…

Castlewellan rocks! Be there in Termon Scotland in 2010, or more affectionately known as…”

Alastair McCollum


“Castlewellan was just fantastic. My highlights of the week would be, in no particular order, rain, football, the talks, sleeping, psalm singing, beats, paranoid, and the last morning. Ivan’s announcements should probably get a mention as well. Verse to sum up the week? The water receded steadily from the earth. At the end of the hundred and fifty days the water had gone down. Good times.”            

 Andrew Morrison


“Castlewellan was the finale to a great summer, and was brilliant in so many ways. Spiritually the week was excellent; the talks throughout the week were fantastic and really challenging for all of us, and the psalm sing on the Sabbath was just amazing. The general craic was definitely one of the best things about the week; I particulary liked having several surrogate tents in addition to my family’s Abi, Erin &co…thanks!!). Craic highlights would have included the Owls’ primary school night (although some-who-shall-not-be-named got a little bit into the spirit and started eating the crayons…you know who you are) and ‘girly’ (aka not football) activities like jewellery making. The Monday watersports were also some fun, for the few of us hardcore enough to actually do them! The last night has to deserve a mention, as the apparent lunacy of walking through a dark forest at 3am paid off for some amazing views(unless you were ‘lighting’ the fire,in which case all you saw was meths) and fellowship. All in all, fantastic week; 2010 look out!”

Hannah Drennan


 “For starters, I quite liked wearing my wellies all week! Apart from that, my highlights were probably a walk through The Pilgrim’s Progress on Sabbath afternoon and Andrew and Pamela’s talk at Owls on Monday night. I really enjoyed making connections between John Bunyan’s book and the Psalms, and seeing that there’s a relevant psalm for every situation in life. I thought Andrew’s talk about being a Christian in his job was brilliant and really inspiring as he’s so positive about everything, in spite of being in some pretty scary situations. Climbing the hill to watch the sunrise (even if we didn’t actually see it) was also pretty cool, especially when we had a psalm sing while looking out on a breathtaking view. And the talks were, of course, amazing! All in all, it was a really good week of fun and fellowship.”

Mary-Lynn Cromie (aka Crummy Hyphen)
“Castlewellan 2008, a week long awaited for by many! A highlight for me was a thought I had every day that God had blessed us with such beautiful surroundings for a conference which many consider to have been a glimpse of Heaven; surrounded by our Christian family and considering Christ and His glory. There were loads of things which will make it an unforgettable week; from rain, floods, wellies, mud and the little community which resulted, to jewellery, candles, football, a big slippery hill, the party and climbing up mountains at ridiculous hours in the morning to watch the sunrise through some trees!!! Fantastic! Music was a major theme of the week however the talent of certain campers possibly didn’t match up to that of concert performers, Nae Goat’s Toe or the now famous Martin and Mary!  ‘Singing Sweet Home Castlewellan…’
Undoubtedly a week to be remembered . . . at least until 2012!”
Amy McCollum

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