More Important Than Spuds

30 May
BBC News has suggested that Genetically Modified (GM) foods could be the answer to the global food crisis. In Britain, whilst GM crops are not illegal, “the regulations mean it is a hostile environment for the agri-business brigade”. This creates the absurd situation that in the United Kingdom people are discouraged from experimenting on potatoes but the government has passed legislation allowing scientists to create human embryos for research. Human beings are being created to experiment on and recently our nation has plunged further down this research path by allowing the creation of “hybrid human-animal embryos after MPs overwhelmingly voted in favour of radical stem cell research” (Telegraph). Our nation allows humans to be experimented on without their permission before destroying these unborn children after just 14 days of life. I don’t know alot regarding the GM Food debate but surely this means that the people of Britain now value spuds over babies.

Part of the reason GM foods are deemed unacceptable is the effective work of pressure groups such as Greenpeace and well co-ordinated protests designed to place the issue on the agenda. Some of the most obvious examples are when some eco-protestors “chained themselves to the dairy aisle in a Sainsbury’s supermarket” in 2004 (BBC) and in 2001 when “Eight people were arrested and one injured during a protest against Wales’s only remaining GM crop trial. ” (BBC)

Is there not lessons that can be learned in the fight against abortion?

Why are people willing to take such action over fields of maize and there’s no-one picketing outside Downing Street 24-7 against the murder of unborn children?

I’m not calling for the extreme and immoral actions as seen in America as protestors blow up abortion clinics and murder doctors. These actions are wrong and they weaken the Pro-life case. But surely we should be taking some form of direct action, gaining media attention and placing the issue on the public agenda. If abortion is murder why does it not seem to bother us much? There is a genocide of the unborn in our own land and we are doing so little to stop it. Maybe GM Foods is an important issue but there can be no doubt abortion is infinitely more important. What are you doing about it?
23 week old baby inside the womb, one week under the legal limit for abortion in Britain

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