John Terry

22 May


5 Responses to “John Terry”

  1. Semi May 22, 2008 at 11:29 am #

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  2. Daniel Ritchie May 22, 2008 at 1:36 pm #

    Don’t joke about it; we are going to have to listen to Man U fans for years. I cheered so loud when Ronaldo missed that our cat ran out of the room. Only for this to happen.

  3. Andy May 22, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    You wouldn’t be laughing about it if it was JC.

  4. rob dp May 23, 2008 at 3:00 pm #

    because chelsea beat liverpool i was glad man utd won. lol for drogba when he was sent off for soft slapping vidic. wonder what picture u could put for drogba?

  5. James McCullough May 23, 2008 at 3:57 pm #

    JC would have missed too as all good english centre backs would! Keep the Southgate tradition alive! However after missing JC would not have fallen on his backside.

    Would have preferred it to be Drogba who’d missed the penalty but he was too much of an idiot earlier. If the rule states that touching another player’s face is a sending off offence surely you might as well get a good punch in?

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