Loose Slings

3 Mar

“It is not good to brand things with the name of error till we have proved them to be so… Loose slings will do no good… Oh! then, that in this age we would practice this: Be less in passion and more in arguement. That we would condemn things by reasoning rather than miscalling.”

Thomas Manton, The Epistle of James

This month’s quote comes from Puritan writer Thomas Manton and is one I personally find very challenging especially when dealing with the issues of abortion and the Kingship of Christ. As Christian we have a duty to speak out on such emotive topics and can easily find our anger justly roused over the state of our nation yet such anger is destructive towards our arguement. Equally we can find ourselves involved in over-heated debates regarding minor theological points with other Christians where sinful pride and presumption can easily creep in. Manton is not saying don’t speak out rather to “condemn things by reasoning rather than miscalling”.


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