C.Y in the Mournes

28 Sep

Sorry theres been a delay in this post, cable for the digital camera went missing so that had to be found. Our first lesson this CY term was of perserverance as headed up the Mournes one class Saturday to have a little dander.

Me and our “easy walk”

Now being a Rugby man, I had to leg it up Bloody Bridge an hour and a half after our group had started to try and catch up (some weren’t up to the challenge!) in the 35 Minutes it took me to catch up (beat last years record!) I embarassed myself by thinking I saw our group, me sprinting towards them then realising it wasn’t our group and swiftly changing direction again. When I did catch up we got to the call, had lunch then headed up and down Donard in time for a Mauds and then parted our ways.

Though on the way, it got me thinking, some of our lives could maybe be described as this. An uphill struggle, until we find God and then looking down at the beauty of life and how we can rejoice in the things we have. Then half way on the journey down we realise it ain’t so easy either with our feet getting sorer and sorer and things not going the way we like it. Its at these points I think we’ve got to really got to stop and trust in the Lord to get us the rest of the way down untill we reach Heaven. There will always be our connection with sin and we will continually disappoint our Heavenly Father but the trust we have in Him to see us through will only develop through this.

Psalm 22 vs. 8 “He trusts in the Lord, let him deliver him; let him rescue him, for he delights in him!”

The Gang

Me and Tom being the tallest people in N.I at that time

Moutains of Mourne
Other DMFWS news, our first meeting of CY took place last Friday night and we opened with Psalm 92 and Dad introduced it, and after a time of prayer we had a time of psalm singing, 1 psalm in James announces that he would like to sing Psalm 92……..the unknowing look on his face was priceless as we stared at him with bemusement! Ah it was quality.
Also with severe competition from Jeremiah, Gregg still remains our Hero.

3 Responses to “C.Y in the Mournes”

  1. Erin!!! October 3, 2007 at 5:52 pm #

    i thought that was a really nice picture you gave of like seeing how great things are going mabe in ur spiritual lives like the view then heading down hill and our feet getting sore and things going wrong….. its just a really good way of describin it!! just thought id let ya no!

  2. Peter October 9, 2007 at 5:32 pm #

    Ali and James

    I think I have been slightly misquoted at the top of your site!

    In my post on the RP Bulletin Boards I was merely asking if DMFWS is “immensely popular”, rather than emphatically declaring that DMFWS IS in fact “immensely popular”!!!

    Therefore, please insert a question mark so that it reads “Immensely Popular?” or you will be hearing from my lawyers!!!

  3. Anonymous October 27, 2007 at 12:44 am #


    what would be the easiest way of getting to the mourne mountains? usually im there for the fun walk on easter monday but love to go there more often.

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