Lisburn GO Week

8 Sep

Lisburn held their 3rd Go Week this Summer and it was once again a huge sucess.
Our day was pretty much 10 to half 9 for 5 Days solid so I was wrecked after the end.
Over the course of the 5 Days we had different ministries. It went as follows.

  • 10am – Bible Study – Led by one of the Elders each day, studying the book of Acts with a book called Acts – A Church on the Move.
  • 11-11.30am-Coffee Break, a vital part of the day for most, a few cups and biscuits plus a game of pool with Tom to get the body ready for the days work!
  • 11.30-1pm-Literature Distribution, gave out 5000 Leaflets over the course on the topic of ‘What does the Church Mean to You’, 5 Church Members gave their fews plus pictures, unfortunately we had to post Tom’s Ugly Mug through 5000 Homes in Lisburn.
  • 1-2.15pm-Lunch Time, I presume you know what happens during this time.
  • 2.30-3.30pm-5 Day Club, held on a Local Estate Green, biggest encouragement of the week was seen the group of Boys who disrupted the Club hugely (they became very interested in our Lisburn RPC sign and a few cones) on Monday sitting and listening to the Story on Friday. Had about 15 Children come along which was great.
  • 2.30-3.30pm- Caring Ministry-Church Members would go out and visit a Housebound Member of the Congrecation and a short time of Worship was held with them, this was great way to encourage the senoir members of Lisburn from these vistits. One of our members, Mrs.Henry celebrated her 85th Birthday on the visit so a cake and card was presented to her.
  • 4.30pm-Each day we watched a video on the Reformation, most days accompanied with Mauds Ice Cream! We followed the work of men such as John Huss, John Calvin, John Wycliffe and William Tynedale.
  • 7-8pm-After Tea and some relaxment we had our Holiday Bible Club at the Church, focusing on the same theme as the 5 Day Club on Joseph, can steadily growing Numbers at it about 20 most nights, this was an enjoyable time with the kids enjoying themselves and behaving well too.
  • At the same time Door to Door went on with people who had arrived after work, our leaflets were the main started for conversations and a few encouraging discussions were had.
  • 8-8.30pm- Review and Worship, had a short time of devotion led by men from the church and then a comical powerpoint presentation of photos from the days work.

Other Highlights of the week

  • I was introduced to the game which was Sardines, its class!
  • On Wednesday I was out of action as at Pre Season for Rugby had abit of a freak accident and was tackled and my head hit the post (I did not run into it so dont listen to any rumours spreading from Newtownards.) So there was sympathy galore from the Ladies of the congrecation which was all gladly accepted!
  • Our BBQ was held on Friday night which parents of the HBC Kids were invited to and they basically all turned up which was absolutely amazing, never seen so many kids in the church before. Had a great time of fellowship with them. After Uncle Rob had Worship we watched Amazing Grace and was a fitting way to end off the week.
  • Tom was added to my mortal enemy list as he joined some rubbish school in Lisburn!
  • Uncle Robert finished the GO Week with our Guest Service based on Acts 8 – Persecutor to Persuader, see the for the audio sermon! Had a few guests and friends were invited along.
  • Other big news, Lisburn started using the ESV Edition of the Bible last Sabbath which is all exciting stuff.


Jeff beating us at James Bond

Action from the Club

Sister Dearest

Thanks for all your prayers over the course of our Week in was brilliant and hopefully we will see some fruit for our labour over the next few months.

One Response to “Lisburn GO Week”

  1. Steelo September 11, 2007 at 10:27 pm #

    Sardines is amazing!!! Just wait till you get to play it in Renwick some time – absolutely class :-)

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