A Tribute

19 Jul
All good things come to an end. Including Brian Wright’s stay in Northern Ireland. Today he is sadly flying home to Boston. This, the first post back after my holiday, is a tribute and a thank you to him. I’m sure many of you reading this also got to know Brian and please leave your own comment in tribute to the “American Refugee”.

Some of you may have been confused in the past be Brian’s many names. Credit for this has to go to Joel Sommerville who decided “Brian” didn’t sound American enough and began to refer to Brian as “Brad” the trend was continued at the Sommerville’s legendary New Year’s Eve Party where the name “Buzz” was created by Brian Rankin. Many other names have been coined since including “Sugar Buzz”, “Bard”, “Bingo” etc. In my opinion Brian sums up most of what is good about America. Good crack, good music and a powerful and reliable ally in times of trouble. Hopefully he’ll be able to write some articles exclusively for this blog in the future so watch this space!

Below are some pictures and a cover of Chasing Cars done entirely by the man himself; vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, mixing etc. If there are any record producers out there interested in this unsigned talent let me know as I have appointed myself his European Agent!

The man himself

Fun times



Fantasy Football

Totally unrelated but the RP fantasy football league is back with more vengencethn a Robbie Savage tackle. http://fantasy.premierleague.com Contact me for the league code!


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